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The Po River Delta is one of the most appealing natural oases of Italy, as well as the biggest wetland of Europe. The “Sweet Giant” is the nickname for the Po River, as it divides into seven water tributaries before emptying into the Adriatic Sea. Its natural distribution gives life to a unique natural environment.
By visiting the Delta, you will see enchanted landscapes made up of river basins, lakes, sand banks and large rushes, one right after the other. Each branch of the river gives you a unique scene. The landscape is characterized at sunrise by a foggy haze, which provides for an enveloping atmosphere, while at sunset, the red reflections of the sun set the tone. A rich heritage of ornithology with over 370 species of resident, migratory and migratory-stopover birds make this area a desirable destination for bird watchers. There are many ways to visit the park: on-foot hikes, horse rides, boat tours, bike excursions. There are also many museums and sites to visit. For fishing lovers, there is also the possibility to spend the day in the cane rushes on small boats and then have a break in the “Bilancioni” or “Cavane”, the typical fishing houses while enjoying great meal with fresh fish.